Hello! I'm Chris Cross, a full time web/software developer living and working in East Sussex, England. I obtained a degree in Computer Science at the University of Chester and for the last four years I've worked as a software developer in Cheshire and now in the South East.

My current focus is developing ticketing software for the sports industry including season tickets, match tickets and e-commerce applicaions. My skills and interests are with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, (X)HTML and CSS. I have also built some experience setting up and managing Linux web servers.

Outside of my work I enjoy spending time with my partner Natalie, good food, watching TV shows such as Dexter and Burn Notice and attempting to play the Guitar and Keyboard.

Mission statement

The aim for this website is to provide quality web development articles and tutorials with particular emphasis on best practices. I have seen a lot of out of date and poor quality web development articles and tutorials which are all well intended but unfortunately often include bad practices and habits. I'm going for the old cliche of quality over quantity here!


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